Joe Beda, Co-Founder and CTO of Heptio, on Becoming a Cloud Native Organization


Joe Beda

As Linux has become the mainstay of Enterprise IT, it has become increasingly challenging to install, test and ultimately review properly new products built for large, scalable environments. Although Linux Journal publishes substantial, in-depth product reviews, we can’t possibly review every worthwhile product, especially in an arena like ours that grows and changes so fast. Increasingly, too, important discussions focus on issues of design process, organization and communication—not just on specific products or tools.

Linux Journal’s “In Their Words” series will allow some really smart new product creators to tell about their product and their universe, in great technical depth, in their own words. This series is not intended to sell you anything, but rather to keep you aware, with the technical depth you need, of the latest and greatest advancements and innovations in our community.


About the Author: 

Joe Beda started his career at Microsoft working on Internet Explorer (he was young and naive). Throughout seven years at Microsoft and ten at Google, Joe has worked on GUI frameworks, real-time voice and chat, telephony, machine learning for ads and cloud computing. Most notably, while at Google, Joe started the Google Compute Engine and, along with Brendan Burns and Craig McLuckie, created Kubernetes. Today, Joe Beda is the Co-Founder and CTO of Heptio, which provides IT organizations with what they need to realize the full potential of Kubernetes and transform IT into a business accelerator. Joe proudly calls Seattle home.