DevOps for the Rest of Us


John S. Tonello

No matter what industry you’re in, you probably find yourself on a perennial quest to build, modify, test and release software rapidly, frequently and more reliably— without driving everyone loony in the process. That’s the aim of organizations large and small, all of which have long sought ways to bring developers and IT folks closer together and benefit from better collaboration and communication.

These efforts have taken many forms and names over the years, and chances are, you’ve already taken steps to simplify and standardize the way you build and deploy things, whether it’s built in-house or bought off the shelf. If so, you’re already doing some sort of DevOps—even if that’s not what you call it.


About the Author: 

John S. Tonello is the Director of IT and Communications Manager for NYSERNet, New York’s regional optical networking company, serving the state’s colleges, universities and research centers. He’s been a Linux user and enthusiast since building his first Slackware system from diskette more than 20 years ago.