The 2016 State of DBaaS Report: How managed services are transforming database administration

If you didn’t have to manage your database, what would you do with your free time? All those hours you previously spent micromanaging your data layer—ensuring it keeps your application running 24/7 and is able to scale up or down based on demand— would suddenly reappear in your day. You could spend more time building your applications, from adding key features to improving the experience of your users, and you would even get some hours back in your personal life.

The 2016 State of DBaaS Report, commissioned by IBM, assessed the business and technical impact of database-as-a-service (DBaaS), as identified by 680 executive and technical enterprise users, and found that developers are saving a substantial amount of time after adopting DBaaS. All of those surveyed were using a managed, NoSQL database service across a variety of industries, including insurance, healthcare, gaming, retail and finance.