The Essential Guide To Queueing Theory


Baron Schwartz

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, engineer, or manager, learning about queueing theory is a great way to be more effective. Queueing theory is fundamental to getting good return on your efforts. That’s because the results your systems and teams produce are heavily influenced by how much waiting takes place, and waiting is waste. Minimizing this waste is extremely important. It’s one of the biggest levers you will find for improving the cost and performance of your teams and systems.


About the Author: 

Baron is well-known for his contributions to the MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle communities. Baron has helped build and optimize database systems for some of the largest Internet properties. He has written several books, including O'Reilly's best-selling High Performance MySQL. Prior to founding VividCortex, Baron managed consulting, support, training, and software engineering at Percona. He has a CS degree from the University of Virginia.