Ceph: Open-Source SDS


Ted Schmidt

Despite the recent trend of businesses moving to cloud- based storage and SaaS applications, businesses of all sizes will see significant benefits from pursuing a strategy that mixes cloud-based information services for standard or back-office functions with in-house management of mission- and strategy-critical data. Data has become more important than ever, and bigger than ever, but growing data comes with increased costs and performance issues. Enterprises are looking for data management solutions that are scalable, resilient and that can be built on commodity hardware.


About the Author: 

Ted Schmidt is the Senior Project Manager and Product Owner of Digital Products for a consumer products development company. Ted has worked in Project and Product Management since before the agile movement began in 2001. He has managed project and product delivery for consumer goods, medical devices, electronics and telecommunication manufacturers for more than 20 years. When he is not immersed in product development, Ted writes novels and runs a small graphic design practice at http://floatingOrange.com. Ted has spoken at PMI conferences, and he blogs at http://floatingOrangeDesign.Tumblr.com.