Selecting an API Management Solution, 2016-2017

APIs offer a simple yet flexible and scalable approach to enable enterprises to participate in and exploit the digital economy, and are no longer considered to be “humble” technical interfaces. APIs in their various guises facilitate the externalization of the enterprise, enabling the opening up of new revenue streams and simplifying the integration of digital sales, marketing, commerce, branding, and other channels into established business processes and models. With this background, it is quite clear that APIs are central to the integration infrastructure required to support digital business initiatives.

API management offers a unified approach to the governance of public, private, and partner APIs while fulfilling other key requirements, such as message/protocol transformation, developer enablement and community management, API lifecycle governance, operational and business analytics, API/service/data security, and monetization. It is an increasingly critical capability, providing the requisite governance, performance management, and security framework to help ensure that digital business initiatives involving use of APIs deliver positive business outcomes.

This Ovum Decision Matrix (ODM) is a comprehensive evaluation to help enterprise/solution/integration architects, integration competency center/integration center of excellence directors/managers, API product/business owners, and digital business and line-of-business (LOB) leaders select an API management solution best suited to their specific requirements.