Beyond Sudo: How to Know You Have Outgrown It (and What to Do)


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Greg Bledsoe

“If you build it they will come.” Are freeways built to travel between existing communities, or do communities spring up around freeways? Is this a chicken-and-egg problem, or is there a complex interaction where such things shape each other?
The use of UNIX and Linux security tools raises similar questions. Do people work the way they do because of the tools they have, or do people have the tools they have because of the way they work? New types of tools are built when someone has an insight into how to improve the way work is currently done—and the tool then shapes the way work is done going forward. Tools are built to the work at hand from the perspective of someone who feels a gap in capability, and this is very important in deciding when a tool is “fit for purpose”.


About the Author: 

Greg Bledsoe is a Managing Consultant with Accenture in the DevOps Architecture Practice. He has more than 20 years of hard-fought experience in security and operations, having been a developer, network engineer, sysadmin, techops manager, Vice President of Operations and CISO. You can reach him at or via Twitter: @geek_king.